please read my blacklist if we're mutuals!
i try to be very optimistic, positive and outgoing! always feel free to message me if you wanna chat and be friends, or even if you just need some support!
i get overwhelmed easily! if i don't reply or get back to you right away, i will eventually!
it's hard for me to keep up with group chats! i tend to not join many because of that, so if i stop talking or leave randomly its not because of you, i promise!
if you need my attention, feel free to personally message me or ping me on discord if you have me added! once again, i may not get back to you instantly, but i'll try my best!
i can be sensitive, so i'm sorry if i take anything the wrong way!
i am a fictional introject of jeff andonuts in a DID system. here's a handy post about it if you don't know what that is, and another resource as well!
i don't care about kin doubles, you're all awesome!
under all circumstances, feel free to tell me if i do something wrong/that upset you! i want to better myself and sometimes i don't notice if i do something wrong. i will never get mad at you for it, promise! the same goes for if you need something tagged.